I love building beautiful and user-friendly websites and apps

JavaScript UI developer from Bristol, specialising in React JS.

I've been designing and building websites professionally for over 12 years. Starting out creating bespoke WordPress sites for small local businesses, I then went on to run my own premium theme store. In recent years I have fully embraced front-end JavaScript libraries and frameworks, and now consider myself a React specialist.

I've had the pleasure of working as a front-end developer with numerous agencies and companies. I can't publicly disclose much of my best work, but if you'd like some examples I can point you in the right direction.

If you are interested in hiring me for a project, please get in touch:

My key skills & interests

I love learning and am fascinated by how quickly the JavaScript ecosystem is developing. Below are some of the technologies I have been using recently.

React JS

React is an open-source javascript library for developing front-end user interfaces. It's become immensely popular, and powers some of the biggest modern web applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb. It's had a huge impact on how I go about building websites, and certainly improved my JavaScript skills no end. I've used React in several large-scale projects, and a few smaller side projects. I keep a close eye on the latest React library additions such as Context, Hooks and Suspense, as well as popular tools like the Next JS framework, and Gatsby static-site generator.


Redux is a state-management tool for JavaScript applications, and is very commonly used alongside React. I used Redux extensively whilst developing a complex signup process for an energy management company. It is particularly useful for managing data from multiple sources, and also in apps that handle a lot of user interaction.


GraphQL is a language for querying an API. It gives a lot of flexibility and efficiency when querying data from a database. I've used it on a couple of side projects with React and either Apollo Client or Gatsby on the frontend. I'm particularly excited about the future of GraphQL and hope to be using it in some larger projects very soon.


Node.js allows JavaScript to be run server-side. Express is a commonly used framework for Node.js and I've used it to build both RESTful and GraphQL APIs. I've been working hard recently on this side of my skillset, which would take me into full-stack developer territory.

UX / UI design

Coming from a family of architects, well-considered user experience and design has always been an interest of mine. I'm equally happy crafting user interfaces from scratch or working with designers. I strongly believe that the best results come from a close collaboration between design and development.